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  • Minimalist

      Sad to say that summer is over, sleeping in is over, and warm weather will be over soon. I can’t believe September is already here, and pretty soon 2018 will creep up on us. I mentioned in my previous posts that one of my goal this summer was to explore outdoor pursuits in my […]

  • artistic
  • New Flower

    Every year I missed the chance to photograph with tree blossoms that swiftly comes and go. Capturing it required the right timing (middle of Spring) and the quick preparation because you never know if the flowers will be there the next day. Thanks to my wonderful friends, I didn’t miss it this season! Hopefully next […]

  • Street
  • A Well Worth Escape

    Two weeks ago, I gave myself a sweet graduation gift; spent time in Chicago with my friends and met the incredible RnB Korean artist Dean. The concert was so much fun and meeting him was well worth the wait and preparation. The pleasant temperature (70 degrees) in Chicago made it the perfect weather to bring […]