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  • A Well Worth Escape

    Two weeks ago, I gave myself a sweet graduation gift; spent time in Chicago with my friends and met the incredible RnB Korean artist Dean. The concert was so much fun and meeting him was well worth the wait and preparation. The pleasant temperature (70 degrees) in Chicago made it the perfect weather to bring […]

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  • Times Square, NYC

    Today officially marks the last day of many accomplishments; internship, work-study, spring semester, finals, and undergrad. The last couple of weeks has been a crazy roller coaster ride as I am wrapping up my last month before graduation in two days. What a fast four years of learning, growing, and making friends with some of […]

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  • Rocky Adventures

      The most memorable part of traveling to Colorado was the standing picturesque view of Rocky Mountains. It’s amazing to see the spectacular mountain range with snow-capped peaks that descended against the skyline. The Rocky Mountains set the perfect nature adventure with