• Street
  • A Well Worth Escape

    Two weeks ago, I gave myself a sweet graduation gift; spent time in Chicago with my friends and met the incredible RnB Korean artist Dean. The concert was so much fun and meeting him was well worth the wait and preparation. The pleasant temperature (70 degrees) in Chicago made it the perfect weather to bring […]

  • Grunge
  • Funky at the market

    I spent last weekend indulged in gourmet food, culturally embroidered clothes, craft goods and arcade games at the popular flea market, Hmong Village. As I walked in, I was excited to see colorful plush dolls, toys and key chains hanging out from different vendors. Hmong village is enriched with so many cultural goods, many from […]

  • Grunge
  • Night City

      Fall and winter is the most fun time of the year because of the holidays! It is also the best time to layer up and wear beanies and boots. I am so glad to start my winter break updating my blog. Luckily, these days the weather have been good with the melting snow and […]