IMG_1919PXKIN (pee-axe-kin) is a sister duo blog created in 2014 as a place to seek creativity and tips about fashion and beauty for petite, fashion lovers, creators, and dreamers. It showcases a mix of styles from affordable low-cost budget to high-end designer’s brand. Committed to supporting local designers and artists, it features community fashion events and works of collaborative artists. Traveling is essential to PXKIN as it is a way to draw inspirations, motivations and open their eyes to the world.

Meaning behind PXKIN

P” is the first letter of Pa Chia, the main writer & style muse. “X” is the first letter of Xee, a fashion designer and the main photographer. Kin is a meaning for family, not only because we are related but when we work with other collaborators, we bond through our similarity in the same passion we share.

Pa Chia earned her B.S in Fashion Merchandising at St. Catherine University. She is a full time merchandiser and night time blogger. Xee earned her B.A in Apparel Design and is a Freelance designer, photographer, business woman, and gardener! Find her work HERE!IMG_2264-web

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