Art Overload- Florence, Italy

If I have to pick a favorite city out of all the six cities I visited in Europe, I will choose Florence. Florence is a city that will captivate and welcome you the realm of new ideas and possibilities. Known to be the center of Renaissance art, Florence is a place full of enchanting cathedrals and beautifully preserved artworks by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, and many others. What I admired most about the city is that it knows how to create memorable experiences–from lively street performances to events that celebrate their history and culture. Florence may be a small city, but there are so many places to discover!

(Hotel Palazzo Ricasoli)

Since Florence isn’t huge, it is walkable. Many parts of the city are narrow roads dedicated to pedestrians only. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes! My roommate and I didn’t use any bus transportation; I think it’s because we got used to walking and realized that many destinations could easily be reached by foot.

The main attraction of Florence is evident when you step into the city. It is the Duomo, one of the largest cathedrals in the world. It is stunning! You’ll need to purchase tickets beforehand to avoid long lines. Also be considerate when you take pictures, always make sure to ask for permission.

People called it the ‘Lourve’ of Florence. For all the art lovers, I highly recommend you visit the Uffizi and be overload with exquisite art pieces! Since I was traveling with a group, I didn’t have to worry about buying tickets. However, many sources recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid the long line.

Galleria Dell’Accademia is famous for Michelangelo’s sculpture David. If you are not interested in David, I recommend you check out other art pieces in the museum such as the musical instruments.

Who knew that I would walk into one of the most anticipated exhibitions in the world? If you get to see Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition, you are lucky! Ai Wei Wei is a well respected contemporary artist and activist that made a significant impact around the world, especially in China. He inspires the world with various forms of art including sculpture, architecture, film, photography, and installations. I was happy I get to see his phenomenal art here in Florence!

My favorite museum out of all the museums I visited. You can see why with these photos! I recommend you to visit Gucci museum to check out how Gucci evolved over time. Everything is so timeless and so beautiful!

Not only is Florence loaded with art, but it is also loaded with fashion goods! There are so many markets and areas to shop. If you want to find leather goods, go to San Lorenzo Market. If you want to find exclusive jewelry, go to the first bridge across the Arno River. Surrounding the Piazza della Repubblica (where the merry-go-round sits) is your typical department stores such as Zara and H&M. However, as you wander down the street, you will come upon high-end brands and chic boutiques.

You will be happy that all types of restaurants and cafes surround you! The difficult part is choosing what to eat in Florence. Everything is tasty and delicious so don’t be afraid to try. Also be aware that many restaurants do not open late, so you will have to plan ahead. Our tour guide says that Florence has the best gelato and I definitely have to agree!

Thank you so much for reading my post. This is just a small and short summary of what I actually see in Florence. Florence is a wonderful place to be and I hope it is on your list of vacation destinations! Please let me know in the comment, or message me if you have any questions. Thank you!

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