Centuries of Priceless Masterpieces- Rome

Stepping into one of the most inspiring cities in Italy was the best part of my Europe journey. It was like a journey to the past, through centuries of priceless masterpieces and treasures. Rome is a city I learned through books, so believe me, I was stoked to visit the city! I was astonished by the magnificent monuments and ancient ruins. I was reminded of how powerful the old Roman empire was, and the global influence of its art and culture. Not only did I enjoy Rome’s cityscape, but I also experienced something I’d never even imagine I would! Keep reading to find out.

The most convenient way to get around Rome is through public bus and walking. Our hotel was right in Vatican city. My roommate and I decided to save our money on bus transit and taxis because most places we wanted to see were not far from our hotel. We did most of our sightseeing by foot, and it was the best idea ever! We get to encounter beautiful fountains and get greeted by wonderful locals.

One of my favorite things about Rome is seeing inspiring art everywhere. From architectural ruins to sculptures to fountains, everything was a piece of art with its history. I highly recommend to stroll around the streets of Rome, get lost (that is what happened to us), and you will discover more than you will ever know!

To find the best meals in Rome, walk through the local streets and markets. If you look like a foreigner, it is likely that you will get approached by the chefs standing outside of their restaurants. They will convince you to try their best menu. Don’t be afraid to try, because you might just love it! Pizza and pasta are the most common in Rome, and they taste more authentic than anywhere. But McDonald isn’t so bad either. 

Then comes the best experience EVER in Vatican City, the religious center of the Catholic church. You don’t have to be religious to visit places like these. The Vatican museum was incredibly stunning with masterpieces from some of the most prestigious artists in the world. St. Peter’s Basilica was the most beautiful church I have ever been to in my entire lifetime. The floor to the ceiling was full of incredible art and beauty. You will be impressed by the Sistine Chapel, just imagine how Michelangelo hand painted that chapel from the floor to the ceiling! I even got the opportunity to visit the tomb of St. Peter (St. Peter’s Scavi is highly restricted) under the Basilica. The best part was attending Sunday Mass and getting to see Pope Francis! 

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    I loved reading this blog. I want to travel to Rome also. So many rich history and religious views. Really loved every aspect of your writing! The food looked delicious!

    1. Pxkin says: Reply

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Please do visit Rome, you will absolutely LOVE it! 🙂

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