The city that has no roads; Venice, Italy

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Venice is your ideal destination. The lovely city that sits on centuries of priceless art and history will leave you lost in admiration. Venice was the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my 23 years of living. It was unfortunate that my stay was very short (two days and one night) and I did not get to explore the other side of town. However, that didn’t stop me from getting the best experience in this city.

Venice is known as the city with no roads. So if you do plan to come here, you will need to prepare good comfortable shoes. Venice is a perfect city to explore by foot as their main transportations are boats (water taxis) and walking! Their complex and narrow routes will get you lost a few times, but don’t worry, that just means you are getting the most authentic Venice experience! Our program surprised us with private water taxis from the airport to our hotel– the most luxurious ride I’ve ever had! You can request for it when you get off the plane. If you don’t want to get on a water taxi, they do have cars and trains that can help you get to your destination.

I mentioned in the Paris post that you don’t have to love art to visit the art museums. I recommend to check out the galleries to learn about the history of Venice. You will be fascinated by how much you learn and why Venice is such a beautiful and impressive place in the hearts of many! Also visit the main attraction and center of all historical events, Saint Mark’s Square. No words can describe the impressive architectural square and St. Mark’s Basilica. You have to see it for yourself!

I budget myself to eat only what I can afford so most of my meals were pizza. Pizza in Italy is the cheapest, but I don’t complain because all my pizza meals were very delicious! Even when its cold, I can’t contain my craving for gelato and desserts so when I do come to a gelato shop… I have to try it. If you want to buy souvenirs from Venice, you will find that most of the shops near the main attractions like the Grand Canal are souvenir shops. There aren’t much clothing boutiques, but if you walk further down the main street, you will encounter artisanal shops that offer good quality handbags and gifts.

One of the biggest worries I have, and like many others, is breaking my bank. Venice can be expensive but don’t let that stop you from visiting the city. There are many blogs out there that will tell you how you can explore Venice in the cheapest ways!



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