Like a Hasty Breeze


Glad I finally have time to settle down and update my blog. To sum up October, I would say it came by like a hasty breeze– so much happened, so quickly! From going to Los Angeles to moving out of the studio to enjoying my birthday weekend and to having the first snowfall in the Twin Cities. The weather has been brutally cold, for October that is, which does not give me the motivation to go out. Instead, on my rest days, I’ve been reflecting on myself and what goals I want to set for the end of the year to push me forward. I looked back at the memories I created over the ten months and I realized that creating memories is an essential yearly goal of mine and I have not share much of it on my blog. My goal by the end of the year is to share the better late-than-never photos of my fun times with you all. So look forward to them!

I am so grateful for my friends, always capturing the best of me in the fiercest way. For this look, I am rocking in all stripes with a bell sleeve lace-up top and wide leg trousers from Apricot Lane Boutique in Blaine. Styling gets fun when you funk it up a bit and wear pieces in ways you’d like!

Photos: Toua Lee
Hair/MUA: Peter
Top and Bottom: Apricot Lane Boutique
Choker necklace: Aldo
Earring: Charlotte Russe

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  1. Maray says: Reply

    Beautiful look, great style 🙂

    1. Pxkin says: Reply

      Thank you! <3

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