Summer’s New Wardrobe Staple

I am enjoying my summer so far and excited to finally sit down and share with you some fashion discoveries! Recently, I discovered a shoewear brand that can complement and serve as a wardrobe staple to my everyday looks. Designed by two amazing women scientists from the Twin Cities, Mochiis is a collection of contemporary women flats that are inspired by the traditional Indian jutties. They are handcrafted and made with eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather from skilled artisans in India. What is best about these flats is the comfort (made with suede and padded sole) that are a must-have for people like me who stands for long periods of time. They also come in versatile textile prints that allow me to mix and match with all styles of clothing. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter project to provide these affordable flats for customers and to provide fair compensations to artisans in India. Learn more about their Kickstarter project, and how you can get a hold of these flats!

For my outfit of the day, I am wearing a light blue collar top from a new boutique called Poppy Smooches with a metallic skirt from H&M. I don’t wear maxi skirt very often but because this skirt was the right length for someone as petite as me, I love it! Poppy Smooches is a new boutique in town! If you haven’t check it out, I suggest you do because they got a chic style and you might find me there.

Shop the look:
Poppy Smooches Top | H&M metallic skirt | Mochiis Flats | Dahlia Flowers (Message me)







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